Art Market Investment Opportunities - Art Investment Funds and Antique Investments
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Investment in artwork and antiques has been an important component of wealth management for hundreds of years or longer in history. In the past however it was the privilege of the ultra-high-net-worth group. Nowadays art investment becomes a lot more popular and available to all classes of the economy due to the technology improvement, ecosystem, and the barrier drops.

So wealth manager, individual investors, and all who looks for anti-inflation products should pick up the knowledge of art investment. Art investment is not only for economic benefit but also a precious part of humanity, and it evolves quickly with the new tech platform such as blockchain.

This course brings you into the overview of art investment, from the perspective of finance, technology, professional services, and the market. Some interesting cases of art investment are being presented to reveal the attractive substance of such investment, or merely any kind of participation. We also will touch a bit of antique collection and investment, which is one part but the very professional part of art investment. Participating in antique collections has become so popular in the Chinese market, from the richest group to the middle class across the country. Knowledge of art and antique investment combined is now a great asset in financial business which this course is intended to open the door for you.
 Art investment funds and the value of art
 Art World Ecosystem and Future
 Difficulties of Antique Collection
 Deep Look - Case Study
Date time
Date: 29/03/2023
Time: 13:00-14:00
Goman Chong
HKD 150 / Special offers HKD 120
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2023-03-28 21:00
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